How to Boost Credit Scores Up to 300 Points

This is a BRAND NEW "patented" technology just launched in July, 2018!

30 Years in the Making! Three individuals who are experts in the legal and credit industries have been putting this together for thirty (30) years. Not in combined experience; it actually took these individuals that long in order to create and patent this formula so it cannot be duplicated.

What is the “FICO” Boost / CSO?

CSO stands for "Credit Score Optimization." What it does is it calculates your credit score today and increases your credit score using algorithms that digitally scan your entire credit profile finding hundreds of nuance calculations of actionable processes that will result in a maximum credit score increase of up to 300 points. It implements a simulator much like the credit bureaus use to offer to consumers what they can do to increase their credit, make recommendations and reveal the potential results if those recommendations are implemented.  The difference in the CSO and theirs is ours actually implements the changes needed in real time, achieving the highest score possible.

This technology has been 30 years in the making by three (3) individuals in the legal and credit industries. NOT combined effort of 30 years, it actually took 30 years for these individuals to patent this formula that never existed before - and cannot be duplicated - as it has been patented.

Secured v. Unsecured Credit Lines

First, a secured card requires you to deposit $5,000 in order to be issued a $5,000 credit line. Second, a secured card shows that it is "secured" on your credit profile, and does not have the same "impact" as an unsecured credit line. It does not increase your credit scores as much and it will not open doors in the future for higher limit unsecured credit lines. Whereas, an unsecured credit line shows credit worthiness to other prospective credit card issuers and lending institutions in the future. In other words, if you want to be approved for higher unsecured credit lines in the future, our no-qualify, unsecured higher credit lines will demonstrate your credit worthiness so other companies will be more apt to approve you for higher limit credit cards and higher credit lines with a higher FICO score and displaying these higher credit lines on your credit report now for lower interest rates and higher credit lines in the future.

Lastly, an unsecured credit line will have a greater impact on your credit scores as long a it remains in "open" status due to the fact that you were approved for an unsecured line of credit. Secured credit cards have a lower impact and will not increase your credit scores as much as unsecured credit cards and lines of credit due to the nature of the secured card, i.e. requiring 100% deposit in order to extend you credit. This does not show credit worthiness. Having an unsecured $5,000 credit line, on the other hand, shows that a company found you "credit worthy," and it will increase your FICO scores, have a greater impact on your credit, and show your credit worthiness to all companies reviewing your credit in the future, which is the main purpose of this technology.

Authorized User v. Your Own Unsecured Credit Line

Many people are confused by our credit lines versus authorized user (AU) accounts. An AU account is a tradeline that can be purchased for 30 or 60 days from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and will increase your credit temporarily. If you have a family member who will authorize you to be a signor on their account, that would be free, but most people don't have this available to them or they wouldn't be searching for answers. Our no-qualify unsecured $5,000 credit line is permanent. It will increase your FICO scores permanently, as long as it remains in "open" status.

Also, an unsecured credit line will not show up on your credit reports as someone else's account. Since it is "unsecured," and it is "permanent," and it is your account... it will have a higher impact on your credit, evidencing credit worthiness for future approvals, and will help you build your credit. Your FICO scores will increase almost overnight with these two products, so it would be only fair to warn you not to try to apply for too many companies at once, or you could reduce your scores by the number of inquiries on your credit report. For this reason, do your research and only apply to those companies you know that you will qualify for with your new FICO scores and pace yourself. Don't take on too much at once and get into debt. This is to help people save money on their car and house payments with lower insurance rates, so you should use your new credit scores wisely.

The Purpose of Our Credit Line and FICO Boost

Our main focus is increasing your credit scores across the board. Whether you opt for a $5,000 credit line, or purchase a FICO Boost - or use the credit line to finance your FICO Boost, the sole purpose of this credit line is to instantly increase your FICO scores. The credit line itself will increase your credit scores 30, 40 or 50 points or more depending on your current credit situation. If you purchase the FICO Boost with this credit line, you will maximize your results up to 300 points. Either way, this will give you credit worthiness for other companies to issue you credit based on two main reasons: (1) higher FICO scores; and (2) a higher limit credit line. In most cases, it takes higher credit scores to get approved, and also higher credit lines for other companies to see your creditworthiness in order to approve you for higher credit lines.

The purpose of our $5,000 credit line is not to provide you with $5,000 to spend on gas, shopping and miscellaneous items. You may use it to purchase our FICO Boost and other products that we offer, and never pay more than $25 per month in interest-free payments to maintain your credit scores. No balance? No payments are due. Use it for our flagship product, the FICO Boost, costs $1,995; we also provide you with a $5,000 credit line to finance it. The payments will never be more than $25 per month, they are interest free, and your credit scores with the FICO Boost will increase to their maximum level, up to 300 points. As stated above, with higher credit scores and higher credit lines, you will soon be able to qualify for higher limit credit cards, bank cards, low interest automobile and mortgage and other bank loans and financing in the future. You may close this account at any time, but so long as it remains in open status, you will maintain higher FICO scores.

Again, if you do not have a balance, you do not pay on a monthly basis. If you have a balance remaining on the card, the payments are $25 per month, interest free, no matter what your balance is. If you have zero balance, there are zero monthly payments. Also, there are no annual fees.

Support the Children's Kidney Foundation

Join us in supporting the Children's Kidney Foundation! 46% of all the proceeds from this technology is donated to the Children's Kidney Foundation - to ensure they receive a kidney transplant in time. Not only do we offer a more than fair pricing structure, with zero percent interest and no annual fees, we also give away nearly 50% of the profit to a needy cause while helping people restore their credit scores for a more prosperous future.


Once your payment is processed, you will be redirected to a secure page in order to provide us with all the pertinent information about your business so we can get started. If any of your information you provide is unclear, we will be in touch with you to gain clarification prior to processing your order. Once your order is processed, you will generally see results in less than 30 days.

$5,000 Unsecured Credit Line

One-Time $95 Activation Fee; No Annual Fees; Zero Interest
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Add On: "FICO Boost"

This Will Increase Scores to the Maximum Level - Up to 300 Points
$195 Down and $1,800 Billed to $5,000+ Credit Line (Above)
$25 Interest-Free Payments Per Month, No Matter Your Balance
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Flagship Product: "FICO Boost" - $1,995

This Will Increase Scores to the Maximum Level - Up to 300 Points
$25 Interest-Free Payments Per Month, No Matter Your Balance
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***100% Guarantee***

Our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee stands behind our products! We guarantee the reporting of our unsecured credit lines to all three credit bureaus and we guarantee to increase your credit scores within 30 to 90 days... guaranteed! 


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  • The business credit process that I engaged in has allowed me to establish my company’s corporate credit, expand my business operation, and take my company to the next level.
    Chad Cotton
    Straight Line Funding, Carlsbad CA
  • I believe that having business credit has opened up possibilities for my business in the future that I could never have imagined, and then every business owner can benefit from these no-interest business credit lines.
    Cheryl Risner
    Score Restore, Elm Grove LA
  • I was able to get a Paydex rating of 80 from Dun & Bradstreet that allowed me to then access larger revolving lines of credit. At the end of about six months, I had 10 different trade lines that allowed me enjoy the benefits of a separate business Visa and MasterCard of $5,000 and $10,000.
    Robert Lefcort
    Great American Credit Repair Company, Boca Raton, FL